A barrister is someone who speaks in court and a solicitor is someone who advises you on legal matters. But the two professions do not always work together, and they are not always interchangeable. Barristers tend to be more like lawyers that specialize in courtroom advocacy while solicitors usually represent…

What does it mean to become a highly productive writer? Is this an attainable goal for the “average” person? Many people believe that writing is a mysterious, inspirational process. In other words, some people are innately gifted for writing. But what if writing was less about divine inspiration and more…

Most writers want to write a book. This is a huge undertaking. Which means most writers are not ready to write a book.

Writers can ask and answer a series of questions to determine if this is the right time for them to write a book:

Do you have enough…

Michael Wolkind QC

Michael Wolkind QC is a top London-based defence barrister, dog lover, and writer. Learn more @ michaelwolkindqc.org.uk.

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